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Matt G.

We had a lot of fun working with Matt, one of our Longmeadow High seniors. His is a pretty big guy at 6'2", but his personality is even bigger! Matt goofed around alot during our session, and made all of us laugh! We did some pictures with his trombone as well, but we especially loved the series we did with the basketball. 

portrait of high school senior boy spinning a basketball on his finger



Seniors like Victoria make our jobs easy :) She has gorgeous eyes and a great smile!

East Longmeadow High School student Senior portrait



Love Love Love this session with Karly, one of our senior models, who is also a very talented dancer! The images themselves were absolutely stunning, we thought we could show them off nicely in this .gif we created.

dancer spinning with a turquoise scarf


Mary M. 

Fall is here... it's officially time for sweater weather. Mary's clothing selection for her senior session can be an inspiration to those of you who are doing fall portraits :) Cozy!

Outdoor high school senior portrait of a red head girl in cream sweater and green scarf


Brian B.

Check out this short video we did of Brian's senior session! His personality just shines through in the photos :)



Krissy S.

Krissy is one of our Longmeadow High School Models for the class of 2014. We love this simple head and shoulders portrait of her from her senior session- her gaze is so intense! It really shows off her eyes :)

outdoor portrait of Longmeadow High School senior model, Krissy


Nathalie S.

For Nathalie's session, she had us come over to this awesome old barn. We had lots of fun :) This particular image of Nathalie in the barn doors caught our eye... Love it!

portrait of girl with cowboy boots sitting in barn doorway


RCP tees spotted in Africa!

One of our class of 2014 Senior Models recently went to Africa, to the village of Arusha in Tanzania, to volunteer. She helped build a bathroom building while she was there. She brought some of our "Got Pics" tees with her to share with some of the kids from the family that was hosting her. Thanks for sharing some of your pictures with us Maddy! Proud of you!

Maddy in front of the bathroom she was volunteering to build in Africa with Got Pics t-shirt

Maddy with her "sister" from the family she stayed with in Africa, in front of the village high school

Maddy and the kids from the family she stayed with, Ritha 12, Joeffry 18, and Sandra 5, all wearing their new "got pics" t-shirts!


Briahna H.

Those eyes! So pretty! Briahna is one of our RCP models, representing Agawam High School, class of 2014. We captured this stunning portrait at her senior session, here in our studio.

head and shoulders senior portrait of an Agawam High School senior


Flipping Out

Niles and his friends have some unique talents, which they showcased for Robert at this session. We thought it was so cool, we created this gif for you guys! I guess they were reeeaaaallllly excited about their photo session ;) Don't worry though, no special talents required in order to have you senior session photographed by us! 

group of guys doing backflips